Friday, November 30, 2007

Mobile Blogging?

Do I need this? Its pretty cute!

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Projects for today...

Let me start by saying I am still working on Project KissKiss... I have 2 mores things to do to it and its finished!!!!

Then its Project X-Mas time again! This should be a super Quickie!
To the left, Its an Eileen Fisher style wrap for my mom.
Also on the list today if I get both these projects done is to finish the 'Beaded Beauty".... or atlest buy the fabric for the skirt... I want to wear it SO bad... but I've been so lazy about finishing it... all that hand work!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Should I go Blond???? And this Blond?????

Yep, a Quckie!

I actually made this about 2 weeks ago but just got the Bald Man
to take a pic today. I've actually made 3 tops for this New Look
pattern. Very Easy!!!! Took maybe 2 hours after cutting out.
I got the fabric from Wal-Marts bargin table so I have maybe
$4 in this. Gotta love it!!!

Christmas Present DONE!

Yeah! One more Christmas present done! This is my son's Camo Hoodie. Was very easy to make. Which is very good because it hurts my eyes to look at camouflage to much.

Goat Cheese is a wonderful thing!

So last night me and the Bald Man made up the most amazing recipe! We call it Goat Cheese Wontons in Butternut Squash Sauce... yum!!! Just thinking about it this morning makes me
hungry! We roasted a huge organic butternut with olive oil, sea salt and pepper.. pureed it, added curry, marsala, cumin, alittle chicken broth and milk.... I had pre made organic wontons, stuffed them with basil goat cheese, baked for 10 min... added them to the sauce and WOW!!!
I just had to blog about it cause it was that good! Me n' the Bald Man really need to make our own recipe book!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kiss Kiss Quickie!

There's nothing like a new dress! Here is my next dress project... should be a Quickie! Slinky lips fabric (from Vogue Fabrics) will be the upper and skirt part of the dress but the middle gathered part will be some sexy black stretch lace fabric (From Ultra Fabrics)

The Ultimate Fabric Experience

There's no way I could have bought any of these fabrics around here.
I have to say Miami was the Ultimate Fabric shopping trip for me to date...
I've not been to New York.. yet which is another trip I want to make... and a trip I'm going to have to save up for!!! I am Broke Now!!!!

Then there was Ultra Fabrics!!!

Ultra Fabrics was Fun! Not expensive but not cheap either...
All these fabrics are stretch (imagine that! if you haven't noticed I really love stretch fabrics!)
and range in price $5.99 to $15.99.
Ultra Fabrics actually had more stretch fabrics than I've ever seen under one roof! If I hadn't of been to Rex first I could have bought way more in Ultra! They're assortment of stretch laces was amazing!!!!!

And more.....

More from Rex's! The fabric above and left is one of the softest cottons I've ever touched and its a stretch fabric! It was only $12.99!
The fabric on the right above is an exquisite sheer puckered stretch.

The fabric directly right is Bald Man's Favorite piece! He found it
and can't wait for me to make something sexy... which won't
be hard... I think I could make a T-shit out of this and it would be
sexy! Its an antique stretch with mesh cut outs... It was $19.99
marked down from $89.99!

FABRIC!!!!! From MIA!!!!!

All these fabrics came from Rex's Fabrics in Miami. An amazing store... I've never seen this much couture and high quality fabric under one roof. All these fabrics above are stretch and I got them for $19.99 a yd. The ones in the middle are actually laces! So they weren't cheap fabrics but not expensive fabrics when compared to the $600 a yd!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dreaming about those hookahs!!! and that weather!!!

True the hookah in Miami was the best, smoothest hookah I have ever had!
The food was... okay to bad...
except for the sushi in Ft.Lauderdale.
And ofcourse the weather was great! Its so cold in TN now!!!
Here I am really enjoying the hookah on the left... and to the right I'm enjoying an overpriced dinner on a beautiful night with perfect weather with my ever-wonderful Bald Man!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Welcome to Miami!!!

MIA! Is where we spent Thanksgiving... it was warm and pretty. It was a culture shock, it was full of fake people, WAY over priced clothing, not great food with high prices. All this, but Rico and I still had a great time!

We searched and found great food, he found amazing fabric stores for me to shop in that was recommended to me on PR, we walked our puppies everyday in the beautiful weather and we smoked the best hooka we've ever had!!!
I have many pics from Mia and many fabrics to be blogged about!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Camo Hoodie

Now for some X-mas sewing! I'm making my son a Camo Hoodie with this pattern. Its all cut out but probably won't get sewn together until we get back from Miami... Should be pretty simple....

It Was A Quickie!!!

Yesterday I finally got around to putting my quickie top together. I needed something new and sexy to take on our trip to Miami this week. I'm thinking this will do the job!!!

Its a bit more 'see thru' than I thought it would be... but I can always wear a black tank top under it if I think I need to. Bald Man loves it!!! I do think it came out good... and it was SO fast to make. There are 2 other versions to make in this pattern I'm gonna try a different one next month.

Monday, November 19, 2007

All the Way From the Mid-East!

Here is a dress my friend Sam brought me back from Syria.. Its a gorgeous rich brown color with lots of embroidery. I'm thinking I will take it in at the waist,add a zipper and take up at the hem so I can get more wear out of it. Its to pretty to just wear around the house or as a cover up!

Thank You Sam!

Sweet Sam also brought me back a silver and beige costume... which needs altering so it will fit 'up top'.... after I finish up my beaded beauty and red hot I plan to adjust it too!!

Red Hot!

Here is another costume I just started on... this one will not take near as long to make.. 2 or 3 weeks.
It was a beautiful sequined dress I got at Goodwill for $8.. which I've cut up to start forming the costume. I will be using AB crystals, orange crystals and tri colored beaded fringe spread over it in small 'chunks'. I thinking I want this costume will be very modern.. more like a Saher costume. Saher-like costumes are so easy and fast to make! And quite often very sexy!!!!

My Beaded Beauty!

Ok, so I have been working on this beaded beauty for months! And its almost done!!! Just have a small part of the belt and the bra straps to go!! Now I have to find fabric for a skirt ...Then ofcourse I have to make the skirt and accessories... its a process!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

To Tired!

Last night I was so tired, but it was ok... there were friends there....
Sam took some pics...
just another night being the bellydancer!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wrestling Match Up

Well, unfortunate as it may be my son didn't do so well in his wrestling match ups today. I thought he looked real cute though... I am pretty sure this is not what he was going for... I am still proud of him but he has got to get his ass in the weight room! Some of those other kids are rockin 6 packs and biceps... at 12 and 13!!!! He's gonna have to work it out!!!!

Mirage/Cairo Cafe

I danced last night... not really busy at first but got really busy late... so didn't get home till 1am! And back up at 6:30am to get ready to go to my son's wrestling matches. Its gonna be a LONG day.... and I gotta dance tonight to....
Here to the right at the restaurant, is Tony and Sam. They always make the restaurant fun!

The Quickie!

This is my Quickie project... I'm making it in a pretty stretchy blue n smoke grey. Its all cut out and shouldn't take long at all to put together.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Making it work baby!!!!! Just making it work!

I just finished the final touches on this blouse to the left... made from a Kwik Sew pattern. It was very simple and quick to make, esp, since I used decorative snaps instead of buttons! Blah! I hate doing buttons! This is actually my 'muslin' for the pattern but its cute enough to wear. Next time I make this pattern I need to to the Large Bust alteration! Its a wee bit tight across the girls...

The Silk Dupioni Disaster is DONE! And its pretty... I didn't really want this blouse to be tight but to elimanate most of the wrinkle issue I had to made it tight... which made it sexier than I was going for... but whatever. I had to make it work!!!!! I'll post a pic as soon as the skirt is done.

Yummy Beaded Fabric... makes the world a happy place!

I have some finishing up to do on my Silk Dupioni shirt wrinkle disaster! Ha!

Its actually looking really nice.... the Bald Man really liked it. I think it'll be fine once I get all the rolled hems done. Love the color. The skirt to go with my holiday outfit will be made from some beautiful, pricey stuff from Gail K's in ATL. Its a mesh of burgundy and silver with burgundy and gun metal gray beads... yes!!!! I'm going to use the BWOF skirt pattern above... and line it in black so the beads and silver really stand out!!!! If all works out ... IF.... I'm thinking my holiday outfit will be very yummy!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Poodle Bagz

Check out my Poodle Bagz!!! I made them both from NL6574. I got this awesome vinyl fabric off ebay. It was only like $17 for 5yds! And just look at all the little poodles all over it!!!!

The patterns are actually kinda plain but this fabric livens it up.. I lined both bags, added inside pockets and cell phone pockets... I hate bags without cell phone pockets!!!! Because if there's no cell phone pocket I spend so much time trying to find my phone in the bottom of my bag! By the time I find it, it stops ringing... very annoying!

Working with the Silk dupioni sux

Sure its pretty... but it wrinkles an unbearable amount!!!!
I put together my 'holiday' blouse today... which went together fine... great pattern! I will sew it again... in another fabric!!!!!
Anyways,,, I iron and iron.... after 5 min of wearing... wrinkles... big ugly wrinkles! I don't know what I'm gonna do!

On a nicer note here is a new belly dance costume I am working on... its going to be all hand beaded! The crystals on it are the real deal too..... here is a pic ot the finished front belt... I am working on the bra and back belt now!
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holiday Outfit

I'm starting on my holiday/New Years outfit today! The pattern above, view C, will be made from a dark red silk dupioni. The sash will be black (to make the waist look smaller) and I'm thinking of giving it a decorative rolled hem with black and silver wooley nylon thread. I have it all cut out to get started on!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Famous Wrap!

I finished and wore my new Vogue wrap dress last week. Its a very 70's looking dress that I paired with knee high black books and black tights.

Very easy to make! No alterations!

I made it from some printed stretch knit I got off ebay for about 2.50 yd. I'm thinking I want to make another one in a solid black knit.

And I got the ultimate complement.... when I wore it out Saturday night in Nashville to my favorite restaurant some girls asked me where I got my dress!