Monday, December 10, 2007

BellyDance Nights!

Both Friday and Saturday were busy this last weekend... but Saturday kicked my a**! Crazy busy. I danced so much! It was a great crowd. Tony was there to drum and make people happy!

He also had some friends from Chattanooga that were delightful!!!! Esp. the Moroccan lady!

Sam was there taking tons of pics for everyone! After my last song I relaxed with the Bald Man, a hookah and a bottle of champagne. Then we went to the Carousel and invited Jesse's sweet girlfriend to come with us. We danced alot, drank alot, watched the drag show. My favorite Knoxville Queen performed! Miss Ashley O'Neil! Great night all around... except for DJ Joey
Santana! What was he thinking????

Had a blast!!!!

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