Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On the 9th, 8th and 7th day of Christmas...

My Beautiful Bald Man just keeps the great gifts coming!!
The Lady and Sons cookbook set, which is really an "us" present cause we both LOVE to cook, Some great modern looking flatware, another "us" present... we've been wanting some cool flatware to go with the dishes he got me last year!
Then... GWTW on DVD... my favorite movie ever!!! That I only had on VHS... I'm thinking.... cold night, fireplace going, fleece blanket, hot coco, popcorn and GWTW movie night!
And Sex in the City season 4 and 5!!! I feel a S&C marathon coming up soon!
Also, last night, I got an extra present! I wasn't feeling well... which is usual lately! (I've had a head cold and now a horrible pinched muscle in my neck!) Anyways, the present was 2 great tickets to the Flyer's game in PA!!!!! I told the Bald Man I was needing some NHL... and the Bald Man is getting me some NHL! Yeah!!!!!

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