Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Recipe Book... recipe for LOVE Baby!

So, as we all know... Me and My Bald Man love to cook... but we are both disorganized, messy,,,, and so were all our recipes. For a long time I've wanted to clean up the binder we stuff all the recipes in... yesterday I did! I made this cute cover,,, put the recipes in page protectors... now I just gotta get some divider tabs and its all done!
About a month ago we started having "restaurant night" since I don't like the restaurants in Knoxville very much... Bald Mans ideal... another way he keeps me happy... great food!!!! We also love a Sunday brunch.... nope, no good restaurant here for that.... so we make our own.... his omlets are the best I've ever had, esp, the Spinach&mushroom... and so was the Eggs Benedict we made one Sunday... Heavenly!!!
I had so much fun making our little cookbook!

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