Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why do wrestlers hate sleep?

My son, Brian, has a wrestling meet today in Pigeon Forge... we have to have him up there to weigh in at 8am (wrestlers are more obsessed with their weight than me when I was an anorexic teenager!) So This is why I am up at 5:30am!!!

There will be 15 teams there today. We will probably be there until around 4. Wrestlers like to make their meets an "event" anytime they can.... usually lasting half a day.... but with so many

teams its an all day thing today.

Just last week Brian told me I didn't "care" about him.... yet here I am, up at 5:30, with a really

horrible cold (that kept me outta work last night, no one wants to see a snotty, sneezing bellydancer!) me and his step dad, the Bald Man, getting ready to drive an hour,

with all the food I cooked yesterday for us (rotisserie chicken salad, salt potatoes, fresh bread, brownies) set all day and watch middle schoolers beat the crap outta each other.... (okay I admit I like to watch the matches!!)

And I don't "care" about him.......... what a bratty teenager moment that was!

It took me back to when I was a bratty teenager, telling my mom she didn't love me because she wouldn't let me have my way on this or that. Poor mom...

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