Monday, January 28, 2008

1 Year Anniversary!!!

Yesterday was mine and The Bald Man's one year Anniversary!

I was supposed to have Saturday off so we could celebrate... but the other dancer who works at Mirage got sick (poor Sonja).. so Bald Man had to cook his spectacular dinner for us last night!

He's an amazing cook... Sea Bass, Lobster, winter squash! Cooked in the awesome Green Egg grill he got us for Christmas!! Everything is better in that grill!

And a little bit of a fish called Artic Char which I had never tried and I loved!

I'm so lucky!!! I just love my Bald Man... and he's cooking!!!


laura said...

Happy Anniversary!!A man that cooks, and has a sense of fashion. What more could a woman ask for!

Mary E said...

I once had a husband who cooked, but he wanted to do other things too...... Now, Mr E is the perfect man except for that one thing -- he literally cannot boil an egg. Mayb if I made him a shirt....