Friday, January 25, 2008

Altered Fashion Books

I just got this new book, Subversive Seamster, Transform thrift store threads into street couture.

You can get it at or like I did at for less!!

I have had several books on altering thrift store clothes. Honestly most of them are full of poorly executed ideals and you end up with crappier looking clothes after the alterations!

Now this book is different.. there's some really nice stuff in here! Like the 80's dress to a corset like top... looks smashing!!! The hideous turtleneck sweater to the adorable Bolero!!! (if you don't know, I'm telling you I LOVE boleros, the best accessory you can have!)

Theres much more cuteness in here... don't get me wrong there's ugly to... like the gauchos from flannel pj pants. YUK!!! How big would my booty look in those!!!

All in all... a good book with some awesome ideals!!!!

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