Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back From Philly, PA

Yes! Back in the southland!!! And I am so happy to be home!
The Bald Man had this Lacrosse coaches conference to go to up in Philly... this is the 3rd year we've been up there for it. It is SOOOO cold up there! Wow I was miserable! If it had not of been for the Flyers game he took me to... and FABRIC ROW (which was a beautiful place to be!) I would have stayed in the hotel room and avoided all the freezing cold... and all the extremely rude people.
And I do apologize if you are reading my blog and you are from Philly... but I mean RUUUUUDE!!! My goodness, how does a person get through the day being so hateful... the constant horn blowing... the screaming over parking... the people who don't want to give you directions... even to a restaurant that ended up being right across the street from the back of our hotel!!!!

I'm sure there is good food in Philly.... but its very hard to find when you're in the downtown area.... imagine... you go into a fancy seafood restaurant... ofcourse the service is bad (but this is not unusual for Philly at all) .... you order a $12 Ahi Tuna Ceaser Salad ... sounds good... then you get the salad and ...... reality check!!!! Its week old lettuce drowned in peanut oil and lemon juice (wheres the ceaser?????) the tuna is seared in some hideous pepper (which completely kills the taste of the tuna) and there are BEER NUTS on the salad!!!! I kid you not...
beer nuts on a $12 salad.... I have now put Philly at the top of my list for "Most likely place to pay a ton of money for bad food" (South Beach did hold this title)

I would have blogged while I was in Philly but the silly Bald Man turned over my green tea on our laptop!!!! Thank goodness it was our older, back up laptop! Not the new one Bald Man bought... which has been sent back to HP because it was a piece of crap and now he's waiting for them to send him another one...
Meanwhile I have no laptop.... so last night I bought the one I'm using now! I needed my own anyways since I have all the embroidery machine stuff now.... which I can't figure out!!!!
So.... more blogging later about the trip and the fabric I bought!!!!! I have to go learn how to use this hardware now!!!!!!!!

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laura said...

My vacation jinx must be contagious!If something can go wrong... When I'm in the city I feel just like Ellie Mae Clampett!Way too friendly and more than a little stupid. Why can't people just smile, and be polite? It's a puzzle to me.