Monday, January 28, 2008

Bald Mans new shirt, cheap fabric finds and a new purse!

Today I worked on my Bald Man's new shirt. I'm using the Kwik Sew pattern above 3052. Its so easy. Its all done but the hem. Since I made myself a complete outfit last week I thought I should make him something .
To the left is the fabric for my new purse I got at Hobby Lobby some time ago. It will actually go with the SWAP I'm doing.
You can't really see the pic of the purse I'm making well.
Its from the Wild Things pattern software and its free!!! You can download the program at They have some other software for garment patterns and it looks so cool.... but its not cheap!

I had to go to wal mart today... and look what I found!!! On the right is a faux leather... has kind of an antique look... it so nice!!! I can't believe it was actually at Wal-Mart. $8.00 a yd!!!!!
Its really strong feeling to... Its going to make an awesome purse!!

And check this out below... what a find!!! More faux leather!!
Weathered looking and feels like really fine leather. I got enough to make a jacket! Now check this out.... $2.00 a yd!!! I was so excited I almost squealed!! Time to break out those leather needles!!!

And I got this super soft cotton... unfortunately not for me but for a belly dancer who wants me to make her a costume cover up... its light weight, great colors! Will look fabulous with gold or silver accents. And just so soft!!! It was right at $5 a yd!
Maybe she won't like it and I'll have to keep it...
You can never till about Wal Mart. Sometimes I go in and its all junk that I wouldn't even dress my dogs in! Then sometimes I go in and find good quality, unique fabrics like these! No consistency! So I check like every other week!!!
Oh Yeah! I also got some great dark navy stretch denim for another pair of jeans!! $3.00 a yd!!!!
(if Sonja or Rachel is reading this... stop talking about me and stop hating! jealously is ugly you two!!!)


Faye Lewis said...

Hi Angelia - I been on your blog a time or too also. Thanks for commenting on mine. You do really nice work. Love your Walmart finds!

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm reading but I don't know what you're talking about... I'm a red head I look awesome in green and the eyes ae naturally so :o)... I tell you what, I'll stop hating when I get some purse/costume/jeans love lol!!! I promise...

Anonymous said...

PLLLUUUHHH (that's me sticking my tongue out at you). I'm with Rach--I'll start hating when you make me one of those shirts like the one on the top of this page (the SWAP one)....I love that!! So when are you opening your store?????? I'll be the first customer!! (Well, me & Rachel might fight to get in the door first...)

Anonymous said...

Oops, I guess I meant STOP hating...ugh...long day