Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Bombshell Costume

Bald Man got up to go to his Lacrosse event in Nasville this morning while I slept till like 10am! Poor Bald Man hates to get up early, but he loves his Lacrosse and wants to be a better coach... so off he goes. He should be home just in time to go with me to Mirage tonight.
So yesterday I worked on my Vogue Coat and had planned to work on it today but this is what happened.... I got completely side tracked. I had this ideal for a new costume,,, and I'm always wanting new costumes since I work almost every weekend now. I mean the Mirage has a lot of regular customers they get tired of seeing me in the same costumes.... okay, I get tired of seeing me in the same costume.
Anyways I had some great fabric left over from 2 shirt projects with Marilyn Monroe on it.
And back last summer my darling Bald Man took me to ATL and I got this fabulous sequined , with sequined fringe brown mesh fabric... and here we go.
I got the ideal to use the Marilyn fabric because the famous costume designer Sahar uses Marilyn fabric on some of her couture costume (try about $1000 or so)
I made this for ALOT less!
Hopefully I'll get a good pic of it in action tonight!

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