Saturday, January 26, 2008

Brians Tobogans, Baby clothes and Kntting

No hard projects today. I just played... knitted on my turquoise shawl, that I will use as an extra if I do SWAP. I love this color!

Made Brian some toboggans. I copied one of his favorite RTW toboggans to get a pattern. He wrestled in a tournament today in Cleveland... so I wanted him to have something when he came home. He's been asking me to make him some of these forever!

And I made little Be'Be' and 2 Pac fleece jackets.... Be'Be' is not happy about her jacket at ALL... She is to the right in a cute Titans
jacket.... she stood like this and stared at me for a good 45mins and didn't move... she's so hateful... its not like she's never had on clothes!
Little Pac-ster here was just the opposite... he bounced and strutted around ... posed perfectly still when he saw I had the camera! See he really appreciates
the stuff I make... not like Be'Be'!
I also made 2 things for the Bald Man... ofcourse I can't post them until after he has them!

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aim said...

Hi ... Be 'Be'
My name is Aim ...
I'm ShihTzu ...

Nice jacket ... $
Nice to meet you ....