Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Fabric row is an amazing section of Philly... and IMO the best reason to go to Philly... fabric store after fabric store... cottons, slinky knits, velvets, leathers, notions, buttons... appliques... rhinestones... I could go on and on... like the fabric stores on fabric row... on and on!!! I didn't even come close to even going in half of these stores... they were not very expensive either! I got these oop Kwik sew patterns for 98 cents... and these awesome 'furry' buttons for a dollar a piece...

I got this beautiful green sparkly Lycra fabric for a bellydance costume... it will be fierce!

Same with this amazing black and gold... but I got enough of it to make a hot top too!!!

(at the bottom)And this velvety black knit with the white strip (I'm thinking pants!)
Got The Bald Man this stripped shirting fabric... its a great cotton with about 3% spandex... which should give a great fit!
The black and white piece at the bottom is SOOOO hot!! Its a sheer black stretch and the white
pieces aren't sewn all the way on... giving it a floaty feel.... I'm thinking skirt... long skirt!!!
I also bought 3yds of this beautiful black slinky with a floral black print and some light green pleather with embroidery and eyelets cut into it... it will be a great purse (need to take pic of it)....
Now for the time to make it all!!!!!!!!

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