Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Flyers, Swanky Bubbles, China town and being cold

Here are a few pics from the trip...
In the pic of Bald Man, we are at a Champagne bar called Swanky Bubbles... that actually have good food there... sushi!!!
and so many choices for champagne... my fav!!!
I had a drink called Blondie... which is Vanilla infused vodka, pineapple juice and champagne...
yummy!!!!! Theres a pic from china town... where we were driving around trying to find a Chinese fabric store... no luck though!!

A picture from the Flyers game!!!! Bald Man got us awesome seats!!!!

There's a pic of my all bundled up in my new vogue coat... and the pretty lime green shawl my mom knit me for my birthday!!! (my birthday was the 21st!)

And YES!!! A hookah bar!!!! Even in hookah bars the service was terrible though...
but the butterscotch hookah I had here was very good!! This was the second hookah bar we found..
3 things have to happen when me and the Bald Man travel... we must find sushi, fabric stores and hookah bars!!!!

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laura said...

Lucky you! When we were in Berlin this summer we walked block after block looking for fabric stores(C'mon! Germany!Home of BWOF). We only found one store. While the displays were beautiful, it was basically just an overpriced JoAnn's.So we walked back to our hotel on swollen feet and NO fabric.