Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Hate these Vogue Pants

I hate this pattern!!!!! It has given me SOOOO much drama...

I had such high hopes... lots of fellow sewing enthusiast on pattern review give it great reviews... its labeled "very easy"

I always have to shorten the waist... but on these the 'waist' looked and measured correctly to fit me.....but not so...

that Band!!! The wide hip band messed everything up... and its
my fault I didn't count on it coming up so high... and gaping!

First the pants were to large,, so I took them in about 2 inches...

So the bottom part of the pants fit great after taking them in... no pulls, wrinkles, "frown lines"
great fit on the booty too!

I add the wide band... my dreams of beautiful, hip-hugging pants come to an end.... the band
comes up to my belly button! This is not low rise.... like described in the pattern.... and the
band gaps horrible in the back!!! AND it somehow causes all these "frown lines" ... now I feel like screaming!!!

I fold the band in half, lowering it and sitting lower it doesn't gap....

but the lines are there to stay I'm afraid... that kind of adjustment needed to be made to the pattern before the garment was cut... in my experience anyways.... I don't know of any other
alteration for those stupid stupid lines!

So I'm bummed about my pants.... even though I have RTW pants that don't fit as well as these
did... they should fit perfect cause I MADE them!!! for ME... the only thing good about these pants is the pretty metallic embroidery on the leg I did....

Back to BWOF pants and Ottobre!!! They're not as stressful! I don't have to adjust them as much

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laura said...

I think the pants look pretty good. (Of course we can't see the back) I still won't try pants.The only time I made them was way back in the day when I was pregnant. I made some capris with matching T-shirts. The fit at that time wasn't so important and they were passable. But Laura of Laura's Sewing Room (who's on your blog roll) can make pants like no one's business! She makes it look much easier than it is. Hang in there.