Thursday, January 24, 2008

I made Jeans!!! WhooHoo!!!!

For those of you who may read my blog that don't sew you may not understand these 2 pics... for my fellow sewers... you will... as you can see here on my first pair of jeans...
the fit is pretty good!! Not "perfect" like the pattern says! But pretty good!
I'm happy and excited that is didn't take me days to make them...only 2 days... this pattern needs about 3 more things on it "tweaked" and It'll be close to perfect. Like the back waist band gaps slightly (which is why I will always wear a belt with these pants!) and the front area is alittle too loose, needs to be shortened at the top.
I've decided one of my goals this year is to make jeans as well as those $300 dollar Allen B's in my closet (no I didn't PAY $300.. I got them at the Last Chance Neiman Marcus for $27!! but originally they were $300!!!)
So now I must find more cheap denim... preferably stretch denim. Stretch seems to fit better in everything on me!


Jen Shaw said...

Your jeans look great!! I want to make jeans sometime and I am glad to hear that the Palmer Pletsch pattern is a great place to start.

Anonymous said...

NO WAY... I can't believe you actually made JEANS! They look great!! I'm so jealous. I can't sew a hem. Stitch Witchery all the way for me (and hot glue)....

laura said... has some info on gaping waistbands.She has a very nice site. It's under labels, then click on alterations. It's her Nov 07 post. Your jeans look great! That is the style and fit that I wear but I'm still not brave enough to go there!!