Wednesday, January 23, 2008

McCalls: The Perfect Jeans

Well, calling it the "perfect jeans" might not be accurate since I'm sewing them! This will be my first pair of jeans,,, EVER!!!! So I'm excited and hoping I don't get disappointed! Like I do sometimes when patterns don't work out... I mean, its the patterns fault though... not mine!! (hahaha)

This is what I have done so far.. the front pockets and the fly zipper... which went it fabulously because I have that awesome video by Islander Sewing
I would not be able to put in any zipper worth a crap if it were not for their Zipper DVD... their invisible zipper method is awesome!
And check out the red top stitching that will match the top stitching on the Gauzy Shirt...
which is done!!! And I love it... BWOF patterns are so great and stylish. I'll have the Bald Man take a pic of me in it later.

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