Saturday, January 5, 2008

Packed out Mirage!

Last night was crazy, fun and I am so tired today!
Here is my "accidental costume" posing for Sam's new camera (you go Sam! great pictures!) and in action dancing with one of the regular guys that comes in all the time.... honestly I don't know how he does it... he's usually up dancing more than me!
Gotta love guys like that!
There was so much dancing going on last night and a great energy.
The perfect night.... all except for this deep voiced hateful woman who asked me "couldn't you
make more money at the Mouses Ear" which is a strip club here in town.... what a hater!
There's a huge difference in stripping and belly dancing... for one thing belly dancers aren't naked! or touching anyone .... what a dumb a**
Jealousy is an ugly thing people!
One hater with over 100 havin' a great night.....

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Mary E said...

Catching up here... and I must say you look adorable in all of your costumes. I hate haters too...