Sunday, January 6, 2008

Saturday Night Mirage

More wonderful Pictures from Sam!!! "Sam, superstar bellydance photographer"
I have never seen this before, Drummer Tony
dancing!!! Check him showing off his moves to the left here!

Here I am with Tony . In my new "bombshell"
costume that I love... gotta add some crystals to it!!!And its all good to go!

It was a very nice night,,, not as good as Friday... but still very good. Friday was almost to busy actually... I guess I just enjoyed the energy more Friday.

Now that I have 2 new costumes...
do I need to make another one?
OFCOURSE!!! I'm gonna try to throw together my "Fire" costume this week.... But my projects for the week are adding up.
The Bald Man is wanting a new button up shirt!

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