Sunday, January 27, 2008

Such a BUSY night!!

Last night was crazy busy! I am SOOOO tired today! As you can see by the end of the night everyone was up dancing! And later on I learned a new dance... I think it was Palestinian...
it was fun and quite a work out!!! There are a couple of Palestinian customers that come in every week and always do this stomping dance.. they always look like they are having so much fun.
So last night after I was done with my show I decided I wanted to know how to do it!!! I think the song is seriously like 15 minutes long! SOOOOO tired!!!!
No fire dance last night.. way to many people! But theres always the sword dance... and its always a crowd pleaser... and I bore myself doing it so bad!!!

Bombshell costume made an appearance...

And last night I wore my Gauzy BWOF shirt (cleavage alert!!) and my new jeans!! The Bald Man was trying to get a good pic of me in the shirt but Jesse here decided he wanted to get in on the pic too! He's the bartender at Mirage and he's great! He came over for dinner one night and tried to teach me to crochet... but I still can't crochet so I'm investing a real class in Feb so maybe I can learn and won't have to bother Jesse anymore... Learning to crochet is a big goal of mine this year.... and making "the perfect jeans" and SWAP.... and learning to do the perfect FBA, and make a constructed jacket... and make the Bald Man pants, shirts, jackets.... is a year long enough to do all this?????

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