Thursday, January 24, 2008

To SWAP or not to SWAP

SWAP or Sewing With A Purpose is a contest held by
And I'm really thinking about doing it this year...
If I do these are the fabrics I'll be using... And I'll probably add some denim to the mix!!!The items you have to make to qualify for SWAP are 4 bottoms, 6 tops (2 should be blouses), and 1 jacket that will work with all bottoms and tops.
You can substitute 2 dresses for 2 tops... and the jacket must work with them also.
There are a few more rules too, but thats the main deal with the contest.
I think it would be fun and I think it would be great to have 11 wardrobe items that coordinate!!!
Yeah, I need to do this... just thinking of all those outfit possibilities!!!!!

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