Friday, January 11, 2008

Wrestling Bigg'n... or Brian's BIG match up!

Well yesterday Brian had a wrestling meet and actually wrestled on Varsity... It started at
5:30 way over in Maryville... we got there at 6 but he still weighed in and everything was fine.

However,,,, we sat for an hour and half before he wrestled... there were 4 teams there! Then it was a forfeit... way to weigh the right amount son!

The second match up was in about another hour and half with a kid who had about 50 lbs on Brian... he was a bigg'n!!! 205!
Brian is 151.

And to the Bald Man and my surprise... Brian was fierce! Aggressive, Quick! I usually take a pic..
but I was so shocked I forgot to!

Now once Bigg'n maneuvered Brian in a pin position there was no getting out for him and Bigg'n

But I'm still super proud of him for fighting so hard and aggressive.

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