Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another Great Day of Sewing with Margaret!

Check out the cute wall hangings we made in the afternoon class today ! All with a serger!! Every bit of it.. it was super fast to make! And the morning class was full of more awesome serger techniques... like super decorative rolled hems with stuff like ribbons! Tassels! Bobbin work on the Evolve serger... unreal! Ofcourse Margaret was so much fun! All 3 of the classes I took from her were a blast and I learned SO much!
I'm very sorry she's leaving... I hope she comes back soon! I am so thankful to All About Sewing
here in Knoxville for hosting these classes... All About Sewing is where I got my fabulous Babylock Imagine!! And my Pfaff sewing machine... AND my Pfaff Embroidery machine...
they great there!
Never miss a chance to take a class from Margaret ... she's full of knowledge and personality!

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Aren't you lucky. Where do you suppose i can purchase MT's DVD/CD? Would love to have it.