Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A great day for sewing with Margaret Tully!!!!!

Today was a fabulous day here in Knoxville at All About Sewing, Sewing machine etc.

Margaret Tully was in town and taught a great class on babylock serger techniques.

I missed the morning class because I had already paid for a crochet class at Yarn Haven,... which went well... but I'm in the very beginner in the crochet arts!! I have another one scheduled next Wed. I'll get it!

But back to the fabulous Margaret! In 2, way to short, hours I learned to turn corners perfectly, make and add pipeing.. perfectly,,, and turn corners while adding it! And make perfect ruffles, turn corners with the ruffles! AND make very cool pretty crochet trim... All with my Babylock serger... amazing!!!

I'm going back for more tomorrow! Margaret's in town for another day of classes! Morning class is more techniques with serger feet.. yes! And in the afternoon class she's actually showing us how to make a wall hanging with the serger!!!! I'm so excited!!!

I love to learn!

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laura said...

I once took a class on how to use the embroidery part of my sewing machine. I learned more from one class than I ever could have taught myself. I also took a class on making blazers (believe it or not) Unfortunately, I've forgotten everything I learned from that one. I love the toggle buttons on your preceding post! Imagine the possibilities!!! I have a new purse pattern arriving soon and I think I see toggle buttons in my future!