Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hockey and Bellydancing

Mike Craigan, hockey player for the Knoxville IceBears came to the Mirage Friday night... Now Mike knows me n' The Bald Man from the hockey games.. Bald Man has had season tickets forever.. so we also get invited to the ticket holder parties.... We'll just say Mikey was a little surprized when he came in and saw me bellydancing!

Friday night was pretty boring.. Saturday was much more fun!
Lots of people having fun and dancing... here I am with my "wings"
I only wacked 2 people with them! You would think people would sit down.. and not walk close to a bellydancing woman with huge wings, spinning around with no control... and obviously not able to pay attention to her surroundings.... I know I would stay away.

I blame having to perform a wings number completely on the other dancer who works there..
Sonja.. she started it.. the manager loved them, then bugged me to do them too!!!

1 comment:

laura said...

The wings are fabulous! And the people who walk into wildly spinning belly dancers are the same idiots who walk backwards into waitresses carrying full drink trays!!!