Monday, February 11, 2008

Lots o' work! Fun stuff in the mail!

I worked all day on this muslin for the Ghawazi coat... its almost done! The pattern I have for it is terrible!! I cut out the "small" pattern and still had to take off about 7 inches!!! Tomorrow I should be able to finish it up and start the real one for the bellydancer who needs it! I also spent time draping the greek tunics I've got to get done... no fun sewing for me today...
On a more fun note..... I got these in the mail!!!! My Islander Sewing systems DVD's and book I won on ebay!!! All brand new! For way less than what they cost on the web site. I love islander sewing dvd's.. its because of they're dvd's I can put in any kind of zipper and make pretty pointy collars!

I also got these patterns in the mail. They will be used for my Swap! I can't wait to try the Silhouettes! It has cup sizes included! Thats got to help with my chest fitting issues!
The Birch Street pattern I actually got last Thursday at the All About Sewing store here in town... I thought it looked nice and comfortable.. but different enough to make unique and fashionable....
But no time to play with them this week!!!

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Shelly said...

That yoda hoodie is way too cool! My hubby collects Star Wars stuff and would love something like that!