Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Weekend

First 2pac and Be'Be' got all nice and done up at the groomers! See how adorable they are!!!

I danced at Mirage Friday... non eventful... same ol' same ol'

Saturday me n' the Bald Man went out!!! We have decided I should only dance 1 night a week... 2 nights.. being Friday and Saturday is ruining our weekends! Through the week Bald Man works so hard and now coaches his Lacrosse team.. I'm sewing most days, for myself and for business...
Speaking of sewing I will post pics of my new 'jeans'!!!! Pattern copied from a well fitted pair of rtw I have had for years!!! You can kinda see them in this pic! Thanks to Laura at I emailed her after I saw her fabulous pair of copied rtw and asked her to please share technique for this!!! Thank You Laura!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I see I started something with the wings. Guess I need a new pair that isn't white--white will get dirty too quick! I guess Alber must really like them!