Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sonja's Dance Party at Mirage!

Last night I actually did not have to dance! But the Bald Man and I still went to Mirage to see the only lovely dancer who works there, Sonja. She looked extra cute and danced so pretty!!
And... she got a great party started for all the costumers!!! As you will see below...
Check it out... my favorite Arabic dancing boy.. ofcourse he was there last night!

Sonja danced ALOT!!! She made me very tired...
Here she is in her gold and green costume
doing the electric slide to Arabic music!!! of all things...
Why are you laughing so hard Sonja???
Her dance instructor Alexia and her husband Stan, the wise man, were there having fun!!! They even get up and show us some moves later to some reggaton fusion music!!! I have a great pic of Alexia smoking the hookah too... but didn't know if she would want me to post it!!
Nancy's here giving us some electric slide action!!! Which let me just say Nancy is a fabulously fun lady!!!

Then we have Rachel, she's the red head with her eyes closed below!! Every pic I took of Rachel she has her eyes closed! Rachel is also fabulous.. I don't know how she does it.... 5 children under the age of 7!!!
I'm doing good to handle my 1 son!
And look at her... she had her twins not so long ago... she looks amazing and has a great personality and spirit... even if she is a hater!

Then we have Sonja in another pic... still not sitting down!!!
doing the Debka dance!!

It was a great night... The Bald Man and I had a wonderful time watching Sonja's show and enjoying all the good energy that was around us....


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for coming to see me! I can't help but stay on my feet when everyone is up dancing! I love it! (now you know why I only do it once a month....)

Lots o' love...

Anonymous said...

I had a BLAST!!! I'm not hating so much right now (it's either the wrinkly King Kong pants or the new bedlah my hubby's letting me get!) I can't believe you didn't post the 'soul' train!
Can't wait 'til next time!!!