Saturday, February 2, 2008

Swap #3 ... and the wrinkle ridden pants!

Ok! My beautiful cardigan is done and I love it! This above is SWAP combo 1... but I'm thinking now I might have to lose the pants and do another pair... they wrinkled SOOOOOO horribly!
Every crease has a wrinkle,, its so ugly! I didn't think this fabric would wrinkle this bad.
So this sux.. I make a pair of pants that actually have a good fit... really good fit! And they look like I got them out of the garbage can! I'm SO mad!!! A wrinkled nasty mess... but hey the inside looks great! Again I say live and learn...



Anonymous said...

I was helping Sonja with her 'being the bellydancer' costume changes... after that, I don't think your showing of the *ahem* King Kong finish would have been as rude as you think (lol)...

Anonymous said...

Shut Up...with that figure and those sewing skills I don't wanna hear any complaints about your wrinkled pants!! Anyway, if your clothes smelled nearly as smoky as mine did after last night, you might have to throw 'em ALL away and start over (or alternatively, you could donate them to me....) :-) Tell your hubby extra thanks for the tix, too...much appreciated and SO thoughtful.

laura said...

What a shame that crappy fabric could ruin a lot of hard work and a really cute outfit!!!

Katrin said...

I just found your blog via Laura´s sewing room. You are creating beautiful clothes. I wonder where you found this absolutely gorgeous peacock feather embroidery ?
Would you mind if I add you to the linklist in my sewing blog ?

Best regards,