Sunday, February 3, 2008

SWAP #4 done! SWAP #5 started!!! And from the Embroidery machine....

Another Swap item done! This is a simple tank top using the same pattern as the other Swap top I did... without the crowl neck and sleeves.... I love the peacock feather embroidery and I used my serger to put a decorative stitch of metallic turquoise around the arm holes, neck and bottom.
Next on the SWAP list is #5, a jacket from the pattern pictures here. I've modified it by useing the sleeves from the long jacket view A without the band. I didn't like the short full sleeves... long and full is more "me". I'm useing a "pleather" for the collar and I plan to do more decorative stitching around it. No belt... I'm adding pockets,,, again in pleather, that will be covered in decorative stitching. I'm also playing around with maybe doing some couching too.

I still haven't found the right buttons for it....

On the embroidery side of my sewing room I made this cute poodle with a cup of coffee on a knit pair of PJ shorts. I got the design from this wonderful website
for only a dollar!!!

And check it out!!!!! They also have this extra cute belly dancer embroidery!! I can't wait to put this on something. Ofcourse I'm going to change her hair color to blond and put her in turquiose..
not because turquoise is one of my Swap colors... but I have a turquoise costume!!! So Cute!!!!!


Mary E said...

Oh these are adorable. Loving that poodle. You are doing great with the embroidery!

aim said...

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