Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ugly on purpose

You know how sometimes designers make clothes that are really ugly on purpose... but no one cares that its ugly because someone fabulous made it.. or someone famous wore something like it so now its trendy.
And the critics give the ugly outfit rave reviews because the designer is SO creative!!!
Well, I've decided thats what this shirt is all about... its not finished in the picture.... and its ugly on purpose....
Ok... not on purpose. What happened was I decide its time to introduce the other color into my SWAP... after adding some red thread couching to the jacket I made,, its time for the red!
My Swap is browns, blacks, tans for the base...turquiose and red for my jewel colors... I love red and turquiose together!!
Anyways back to the ugly on purpose top. I ordered this pattern you see above... its from Peggy Sagers Sihouette patterns. Its unique because it has different pattern pieces for cup sizes... B-D.
I'm thinking "wow, this should be a great fit!" I always have to alter patterns to fit my D's. And sometimes still doesn't fit quite right....
The pattern was pretty expensive.. but if it fits! who cares... will it was the most terrible fitting top I've ever made! The shoulder seams were to big, it still pulled at the arm holes, no matter that I used a huge pattern piece meant for Dcups... the neckline looks great in the pic on the pattern... the cute little model.. probably with small B's... on my chest it looked uneven because of the pull at the sides.. the heavy neckline also pulled down at the to big shoulder seems, then bunched up and kinda layed on my chest... and it just looked down right sloppy on me....
So I took off the neck piece.. then I have a huge gapping neck line... I try trimming it with some decorative overlock threads and it just got more terrible looking. There's just to much fabric in all the wrong places on this shirt.. so I V-necked it... and pulled fabric up into gathers to meet the V... so this is looking ok... and I take about 4 inchs off the waist!
But the back neck line has ALL this gapping and extra fabic too.... so even with the huge Vneck I've created I still have more that enough room to pull the neck back, the huge should seams meet and I keyhole it... still lots of loose fabric hanging down my back... so I gather it up to the keyhole.... its ugly.... but I decide its just done... and its ugly on purpose... like I'm sooo creative and such a designer... hahaha.
And no more Peggy Sagers patterns for me!
And I really wish would get the spell check button fixed!!!


Anonymous said...

I want to say something really uplifting and inspiring as I can sense your frustration with this project... but I got nothing... I don't think it's that bad, but I can't see the back and it's on a dress form. Go work on some more jeans and I'll use foul language and you can feel like the sewing goddess you are again!!!

Katrin said...

Hello Angelia,

that´s a pity with an expensive pattern. It sounded like a good optin to deal the FBA issue.

Best regards,