Sunday, February 10, 2008

What am I working on???

Lets see.... this last week I worked on some of the sewing jobs I've been hired to do... I made a costume cover-up for a dancer... I wish I had taken a pic of it because it turned out beautiful!

I made a mermaid skirt, and started this green bellydance bra top for a dancer here in town... and I've started working on the muslin for her Ghawazee coat.. which is the big mess you see here in black.

Whats a Ghawazee coat?? Here's a picture of one all done and decorated Ghawazee Coat Pic
They're used for certain mid eastern folk dances. They are beautiful when they're done right..

And I'm having another go 'round with jeans pattern M5142 Veiw A
The last pair fit well in the back but the front was a little baggy for me and the waist band gapped.
The fit on these is much better. I altered the front by taking about an inch off where the waist band meets the pants.. helped tremendously with the baggy front... and to fix the gapped waist band I used the waist band meant for veiw D E... which is a curved waist band... the other one was straight and did not work out at all!
They are almost done!!!! I'll probably include them in my Swap even though I didn't take time to do decorative stitching on the front and some of my stitching got all flubbed up!
I'm obsessed with being able to make great jeans! I've heard Burda jean patterns are really good.. I think I'll try one of those next...

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