Sunday, March 30, 2008

Burda 117 Blouse and punch needle jeans

Another BWOF top from the March issue. Check my review for details on Patternreview.
This was an easy top to make.. I adore zipper tops!!!! I got alot of compliments on this last night! I finished my punch needle jeans!!! And wore them out to. Punch needle is so fun and I've recently discovered someone makes an electric punch needle!!!

Here's a couple of pics from last night at the restaurant. You can see in the pic on the left people got a little crazy!!! But thats ok... they were making it rain all night! Which goes in the 'tip money for fabric' fund!!! whoo hoo!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

BWOF 3/08 Top 107 and some kitty dolls!

I LOVE this top!!! I can't even tell you how easy this was. Seriously if you've never tried BWOF this is the month to get the magazine. Several easy tops in this one. This top was only 2 pattern pieces. I made my usual size 38 and taper off to 36 in the waist area. I had to take up the shoulder seams about 3/4, it was very low! And thats the only adjustment I made. I used a decorative seam finish with my serger instead of binding. I used a YLI black metallic ribbon thread to give a little sparkle on the edges. Fabic I used , a solid black slinky from Wal Mart $2 a yard, which is actually a pretty good fabric coming from wal mart. The sheer slinky with the chiffon tie dyed pieces attached I got in Philly on Fabric Row for $14 a yd (I think!)
I will make more of these tops!!!

Here are the Kitty dolls I was working on Tues.
They're called The Mousers.
They need a few more touches and they're all done! I gotta make more little mice for their pockets!! The black one up front is the only one all the way done... aren't they adorable??

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Punch Needle, Fabric painting and Burda 3/08!

I started working on a new punch needle project last night while the Bald Man yelled at Microsoft for 5 hours about Vista.... It seems Vista has decided that it will not recognize my Pfaff card station USB device. It worked perfect for about 3 months, then all of a sudden... just stopped recognizing!!! I loaded my software on to an old lap top with XP and it worked.. so its not Pfaff.. Its that evil Vista!!
Anyways... this punch needle kitty appears to be peaking up out of a pocket. I want to make a felted purse with a pocket on the front and applique kitty peeking out the top. I'm going to Goodwill tomorrow with one of my 'sewing challenged' friends and hopefully will be able to find the right sweater to go with it.
I also worked on 4 dolls yesterday and will finish them up today!

Back in the day... early to mid nineties I was very much into fabric painting. I painted (mid nineties) this dress I wore to church for Easter. Its Noah's Ark and little painted animals... This was not a quick project! I used to paint and sell them to, along with other hand painted clothing.

Yes, painted all around the back of the skirt too...
I remembered this dress and got it out because I had found a link with some awesome fabric painting patterns like I used to use! Here's a link for one of their patterns... Snoozing Santa Moon .
I see fabric painting in my near future with patterns like these!

This months Burda is full of great blouse/tops patterns, imo. I have picked out the above tops to make. They look quick, easy and flattering for my figure type.
Ofcourse wrap tops look good on many figure types... this is Wrap 107. The blouse/jacket with the zipper is 117. And the cute, super simple tunic is 111. I have to go through the stash and find the right fabric now!!! I'm hoping I can get them made in the next couple of weeks!!
I have also promised Bald Man a new shirt... and I really want to make more jeans... imagine that!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

2 old pair of jeans = 1 fabulous New Pair!

Well, here they are.... 4 days ago this was 2 pair of My Bald Mans old jeans... a pair of CK and a pair of Lee. Now they are 1 custom, fabulous pair of jeans for me!
I used my copied MUDD jeans pattern for these. Its amazing the difference in using good denim!!! The fit is so much better, they feel better... ofcourse the old jeans used were already broken in! I'm extremely happy with the fit!!!

And I like the little felted sweater tulips and yarn... I still haven't went to Jo anns to get more rivets!!! or to a hard ware store to get some sand paper.
Ofcourse the rivets will add to the traditional "jean look"
I think they need more of a distressed feel... Bald Mans old jeans were in perfect shape and I want them to look more 'used'

The fit, the fit, the fit!!!! It drives me crazy!! I have made this Copied RTW Mudd jean pattern 2 other times.. and the fit was very good.. but the cheap denim I had... which is ALL I can find... stretched a bit and didn't 'hug' me like good denim is supposed to. On top of that after wearing the cheap denim for about 2 or 3 hours it gets really saggy looking. Who wants a saggy bottom... YUK!

Fit in the back... good also!!!
I love the little tulip coming out of the back pocket.. and the old placement of where the pockets were showing around the newly placed, smaller pockets.
I still have to add my RD leather tag on the back to!

I can't wait to start another pair!!

But first I need to work on a few dolls... and maybe a shirt to go with these jeans!

And the Bald Man is wanting a new shirt to... he's stopped hinting about it and is now asking... he also wants a pair of jeans...
I'm scared to make mens pants!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

New Purse and a New Toy!!!

Here's my new felted purse. I made it from the same sweater I cut up to make the tulip shapes for my new jeans... btw, which are done !!! Pics will be taken tonight when we go out!!!
Back to the purse... It has a purple faux crocodile strap, a d-ring decoration holding a chain of coins with RD at the bottom and a silver heart embellishment. The edges and inside pocket are trimmed with a pretty yarn using the felting machine.

I lined with a pretty purple cotton print, made a cell phone and an extra pocket. And a magnetic snap closure....

I think felted purses are my favorite purses to make... they are so different.

And I think its cool to make something that can't exactly be remade. I'll never find another ugly sweater at Goodwill like this one.. and even if I did it may not "felt up" the same way.

Also, my Mom had a good ideal to use a mans shirt to line the purses with... and since I like to line purses with prints and stripes, thats perfect! Plus The Bald Man has a ton of shirts he's outgrown too!!!
Talk about one of a kind purses! And upcycling!!! I love it when that happens!

My new toy??? YES! A Kandi's Pro Touch rhinestone applicator!!! I'm SO excited and can't wait to use this!!!
All those $1200 jeans in Miami were covered in hot fix rhinestones!
Rhinestones applied with this little tool are permanent. Since there are no tiffany settings to deal with they go on quick, easy and don't catch on other fabrics!
I found a great link from the Rhinestone guy on using this for... what else... JEANS!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Jeans... making, upcycling, embellishing...

If you've ever read my blog.. you know I love jeans..

I'm quite obsessed with them. I have been extra obsessed every since The bald Man bought me my first pair of Allen B's and I realized how dressy/casual/unique my look in jeans could be.

The trend for awesome jeans is never ending... every year no matter what is on the runway in NY or Paris ... people wear jeans. Jeans range in price from $20 to $1200 and beyond!

Me n' My Bald Man were recently in ATL noticing that some restaurants that did not allow jeans, now allowed them. Bald man thinks its not because the pricier restaurants are getting to casual... its because how do you tell someone they can't were their $390 pair of Gucci jeans in to a restaurant? Good point!

I need casual jeans like MUDD and XOXO, designer like Paper Denim and Blue Cult and on up to extra unique designer like Allen B's. My closet would not be complete without all these "kinds" of jeans....
*sign* , all those wonderful jeans...

Ok, obsession rant is over... now let me tell you about
what I've been up to today...

I have finished the front of my faux seed bead punch needle jeans! A plain pair of MUDD jeans with eyelets and tacky leather ties up the legs...
Now with a beaded effect going on... and I'm going to remove the ugly leather ties and put in a metallic copper or black ribbon yarn.
still gotta do the back pockets!

And other news in Jeans...

The Bald Man has "outgrown" alot of his jeans... so I put them up for future "projects"
So check out this crazy project....
In pursuit of trying to find good denim.. I used 2 pair of the Bald Mans old jeans... a pair of CK's and Lees... both the same light blue, both heavy 100% cotton denim...
I have not finished them yet... still have to do the waist band, button and rivets.

The designs I have put on them I used the felting machine! Some yarn and felted sweater cut outs in kind of a tulip shape.

This to the left is the bottom right leg... I punched in the yarn first, then the cut outs...

To use these jeans I had to rip off the back pockets, which left a darker color of denim...
I could have used the other side of the jeans so there wouldn't be the dark pocket patches but it gives them a really different look that Bald Man thought was great...
So I went with it... thinking a 'patch work' , worn denim look would be cool...

I mean I've paid alot of money in the past for worn out looking jeans! Jeans with holes, ragged embroidery... this way has been alot better on the bank account!

To the right is a pic of the back pocket... they are the original back pockets. To make them more my size pockets I just cut about 1/2 in off the top, sewn under about 1/4 in with double top stitch and pleated in the middle.
I have some jeans with this type of pocket... I call it the "booty lifter" pocket... because the added little bit of bulk right there on the pocket makes my booty look higher and more "shapely" hahaha .. always a good thing!!!
When I started these I was scared! I'm always scared when I start a new pair of jeans.. but I was more scared this time!
Now... I'm loving them! They have that same feel that all my AB's have.. only these fit my thighs better!
I think I'm going to take sand paper and stress them out in places .. I have some jeans like that too and it looks hot...
Now I'm all fired up to go to Goodwill, not only for sweaters to felt but I need big man jeans!!!! The bigger the better! More denim that way!

Monday, March 17, 2008

What is a felting machine?

This is for Rach, Faye and Faye's mom....
I looked for a link that could maybe describe this better than me but couldn't find any good link on the machine at all... lots of felting by hand links though....
Anyways, the felting machine a great embellisher. It has no tensions or thread... it uses 5 barbed needles that allow you to take one fabric and "punch" in into another... fusing the fibers.
Like my bolero to the left here... its an old Goodwill sweater. I washed it twice in hot water and dried it, cut it into a bolero (after you've "felted" something in the washing machine like this it will not ravel)... then I took eyelash yarn and punched it all around the edges. Then I took ribbon metallic serger thread and punched in it randomly... steam ironed it... and yes, its permanent! And SO easy!
You can punch yarns and wool roving into cottons, denims, wools... from what I learned at the seminar in ATL ,"I felt like it", you can punch any fabrics and fuse them except leathers and suedes.
I just got a pattern yesterday for making wool roving appliques and then punching them into a pair of jeans and a purse.

One result of felting, besides easy embellishments, is you get very textured embellishments!
Check out the beautiful wallet here on the right...
I didn't make this. Its on the Janome web site.
Its felt with wool roving, yarns and angelina fibers all punched in.
You can do felting projects by hand with the barbed felting hand needles... which come as a single or in a round handle with 5 barbed felting needles. Then you felt your projects on a large foam block....its just takes longer than the machine... but you do have the advantage to getting to sit in front of the TV and work this way.
Any local sewing shop should be able to help you with the felting supplies.
There's much to be done with this machine and hand felting I am just learning about...
I need more hours in my days for all my projects!
I hope this has helped explain what felting and what a felting machine is!!

Punch Needle Jeans

This is a pair of jeans I'm "upcycling" by doing punch needle embroidery on one of the bottom legs... the back pockets and alittle on one of the front pockets.
I'm using metallic embroidery floss so it has the effect of looking beaded.. which if I were doing this with real seed beads it would take forever! I've worked on it for 2 days on and off while me n' the Bald Man have been watching my Project Runway season 2 DVDs.
Which I have to say my Bald Man is really getting into .... and he said he didn't want to watch them because we already knew who won! He knows he likes watching all that drama! hahaha

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The "upcycled" Corset Top

"Upcylcled" Taking a ugly, plain, un-usable, out of style item and making it into something fabulous and totally usable again. Aka, Recycling, which is good for everyone!
So as you can see Project Ugly Dress is now a cute, stylish corset top. I made up a shrug to go over it yesterday to with some left over fabric from Miami.
I gotta go to Goodwill more often!!! My "upcylced" top was way cheaper than the fabric I made the shrug out of!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jazzed up jeans, Felted bolero and purse...etc

This is what I'm working on today... putting this embroidery design up the leg of these boring jeans!
Here are my projects from yesterday!!! I am SO hooked on felting!!!! I love it! This cute bolero was a hideous sweater just 2 days ago and now look! And this adorable purse too... a sweater no one would have ever worn... is now stylish.. unique, and due the the nature of felting, one of a kind!!
The metallic threads and eyelash yarn on the bolero are not sewn on... they were punched in by the felting machine. So was the yarn trim on the purse. The felting machine has 5 needles and you have to be really careful not to pull your fabric out until the needles are all the way up and stopped, or you break the little expensive needles really easily...
Ask me how I know this! haha

While my embroidery works away I'm working on turning this once ugly dress into a cute "corset" type top...
I'm actually not feeling real confident about this project.. but if I ruin it, it was only $3 at Goodwill!

I did have a new costume for last night but don't have any pics I like of it... Here's Sam and Rach at the restaurant last night,, they are so fun! In the pic of Rach you can see Tony in his St. Patty's day outfit...complete with a blinking bow tie!! Gotta love that Tony!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Felting Machine... and no work!!

Yes! Another machine... my new Pfaff felting machine. I love it!
This is my first felting project... tapestry fabric that I've felted different wools and yarn into. It going to be one of those cute new circle purses.

I should have worked on this today, my new belly dance costume... but I was lazy... I did some needle punch and thats about it... went to Goodwill and got some sweaters to felt... went to BAM and got the new magazines...Burda, Machine Embroidery and this cool Canadian magazine called A needle Pulling Thread... lots of fiber arts stuff....
Wow, I have been a slacker today!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Belly Dancer Purse... yep another one

Here's a larger belly dancer purse... that I didn't forget to put the magnetic closure in!! Also made with d rings and it has 2 separate pockets... made with a soft faux suede and lined with a cute printed cotton...

I like this one alot... tomorrow I'll make the 3rd one using the tiger strip faux suede!
You can see inside the pockets for a cell phone and then divided to make an extra pocket...
oh yeah... and the magnetic snap closure!
I guess I need to start dinner and stop playing with my purses!

After the expo... line of belly dance purses... trying to sort it out!!!!

The packed out expo was CRAZY! I have so much stuff... from lots of fabric to Russian punch needle supplies to felting supplies... well I had the hand felting supplies... today I went to my wonderful Pfaff dealer... Sewing Machines Etc here in Knoxville and bought a felting machine. More about that later.
I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things!
I got home about 9:00pm Saturday night...

The Bald Man, who I missed horribly, was waiting at the door with these roses below and dinner. I had to hurry and eat, throw on a costume because I was booked to belly dance at a fairly big party at 10!!!
Sunday we were invited to Alexia's home, where she and her wonderful husband Stan made me and the Bald Man an amazing 5 course meal!!!! Complete with an Irtish coffee like I've never had before! I have to think of something cute to make Stan sometime because the effort he put into that meal was incredible.
Yesterday I tried to sort through all my expo stuff!
And I cut out some purses to sell... I'm trying to "develop" a line of belly dancer themed purses, totes and zills bags using my embroidery machine...
We'll see what happens... I just posted this "test" purse on bhuz to sale...
Its really cute , but it needs to be bigger.. I forgot to put the magnetic snap in too...and I think I might have used to much stabilizer... still very usable and pretty... just not the way I want it yet...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fun at the Expo! I love to LEARN!

The Expo!!!!! WOW! I never imagined it would be like this... and its only our first day here!!! Here to the right is the product of the first class me and my mom took .. isn't it an adorable purse?? It has a large pocket and a cell phone pocket inside.. a nice monogram applique'... and the best part... the handles easily slide off and onto another purse... so you can make interchangeable purses!!

Its called a Karma Bag!!! Too cute. I can't wait to make more... it was very easy.

I made this cute rug hook "mug rug" at one of the vender's booths.
Its not completely finished on the back... it was a fun quick project.

This very nice man at the Expo had all this gorgeous fabric!!!! I say he's very nice because this is very good quality fabric that was not expensive...

This fabric here is more amazing in person... stretch lace on the far left... the one on the right is stretch too, but very textured.. its so awesome!

Here we have a beautiful stretch white, red and black in the corner.. you can't see in the picture but its covered in sequins..

far left is a tye dye stretch lace, middle is a missoni type knit,, right is a metallic brown stretch lace with turquoise and gold circles... yes, its so much more beautiful in person !!!!

This is a lovely stretch knit, black and white,.. floral designs, animal prints mixed in... and yes, though it can't be seen in the pic... its covered in silver sequins!!!
I have enough for a costume and a cute evening out shirt!

Note: Please excuse my appearance in the photo on the left... I got up very early and didn't put on any make up!

Now I want to tell you about my favorite class today! Russian Needle Punch!

Because it was something I have never seen or done, it was fabulous and the instructor was SO fabulous! My mom has talked about needle punch ... but I didn't know what it was... well, its just so cool!!!

I had so much fun doing this!!!

The instructor,Gail Bird , is a great teacher (she's the lady in the pic with me!) ... just look at the adorable little needle punch basket of flowers I made below... think of the possibilities... with metallic threads... on jeans... jackets...
Costumes.... woo!!!hoo!!!!

Well, I bought the whole kit to do this and Gail's book which is full patterns!!! As well as great instruction.

Something else that made this instructor stand out was her knowledge of this art, where it came from , its whole history... it was pretty fascinating!

So check out her web site. If you are ever at an expo and see

Gail Bird and Bird House Enterprises check out what Russian Needle point is all about.. at least take a small class with her and hear about the Russian rebels!!! And see her amazing creations!!!