Saturday, March 22, 2008

2 old pair of jeans = 1 fabulous New Pair!

Well, here they are.... 4 days ago this was 2 pair of My Bald Mans old jeans... a pair of CK and a pair of Lee. Now they are 1 custom, fabulous pair of jeans for me!
I used my copied MUDD jeans pattern for these. Its amazing the difference in using good denim!!! The fit is so much better, they feel better... ofcourse the old jeans used were already broken in! I'm extremely happy with the fit!!!

And I like the little felted sweater tulips and yarn... I still haven't went to Jo anns to get more rivets!!! or to a hard ware store to get some sand paper.
Ofcourse the rivets will add to the traditional "jean look"
I think they need more of a distressed feel... Bald Mans old jeans were in perfect shape and I want them to look more 'used'

The fit, the fit, the fit!!!! It drives me crazy!! I have made this Copied RTW Mudd jean pattern 2 other times.. and the fit was very good.. but the cheap denim I had... which is ALL I can find... stretched a bit and didn't 'hug' me like good denim is supposed to. On top of that after wearing the cheap denim for about 2 or 3 hours it gets really saggy looking. Who wants a saggy bottom... YUK!

Fit in the back... good also!!!
I love the little tulip coming out of the back pocket.. and the old placement of where the pockets were showing around the newly placed, smaller pockets.
I still have to add my RD leather tag on the back to!

I can't wait to start another pair!!

But first I need to work on a few dolls... and maybe a shirt to go with these jeans!

And the Bald Man is wanting a new shirt to... he's stopped hinting about it and is now asking... he also wants a pair of jeans...
I'm scared to make mens pants!!!!

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Keiler said...

I love the dark blue dye from the original pockets - especially in the back where you overlapped it with new pockets - very cool!