Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Belly Dancer Purse... yep another one

Here's a larger belly dancer purse... that I didn't forget to put the magnetic closure in!! Also made with d rings and it has 2 separate pockets... made with a soft faux suede and lined with a cute printed cotton...

I like this one alot... tomorrow I'll make the 3rd one using the tiger strip faux suede!
You can see inside the pockets for a cell phone and then divided to make an extra pocket...
oh yeah... and the magnetic snap closure!
I guess I need to start dinner and stop playing with my purses!

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laura said...

Aha!!! I see you used the same faux suede that I used on my sister's purse!! I love sewing something that doesn't fray and I was surprised that there was minimal 'sticking' on the presser foot and throat plate. I bought mine at Walmart 2 days before it went on sale for 25% off. Always my luck! Nice job, I hope all of your stuff sells!