Thursday, March 27, 2008

BWOF 3/08 Top 107 and some kitty dolls!

I LOVE this top!!! I can't even tell you how easy this was. Seriously if you've never tried BWOF this is the month to get the magazine. Several easy tops in this one. This top was only 2 pattern pieces. I made my usual size 38 and taper off to 36 in the waist area. I had to take up the shoulder seams about 3/4, it was very low! And thats the only adjustment I made. I used a decorative seam finish with my serger instead of binding. I used a YLI black metallic ribbon thread to give a little sparkle on the edges. Fabic I used , a solid black slinky from Wal Mart $2 a yard, which is actually a pretty good fabric coming from wal mart. The sheer slinky with the chiffon tie dyed pieces attached I got in Philly on Fabric Row for $14 a yd (I think!)
I will make more of these tops!!!

Here are the Kitty dolls I was working on Tues.
They're called The Mousers.
They need a few more touches and they're all done! I gotta make more little mice for their pockets!! The black one up front is the only one all the way done... aren't they adorable??


christina said...

That top looks great on you :)

Anonymous said...

You look great! Way to go.


Alexandra said...

Great top! I love the colors and the asymmetry.

Mary said...

I love your dolls!! You are doing a great job. What are you going to use for their whiskers?

LauraLo said...

I love the top. I was looking at the magazine photo the other day and wondering how it would look on me.. I think you convinced me. And those kitty dolls are just too cute

Cennetta said...

I love this top; you look great. Your kitty dolls are nice too.

Happy sewing!