Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fun at the Expo! I love to LEARN!

The Expo!!!!! WOW! I never imagined it would be like this... and its only our first day here!!! Here to the right is the product of the first class me and my mom took .. isn't it an adorable purse?? It has a large pocket and a cell phone pocket inside.. a nice monogram applique'... and the best part... the handles easily slide off and onto another purse... so you can make interchangeable purses!!

Its called a Karma Bag!!! Too cute. I can't wait to make more... it was very easy.

I made this cute rug hook "mug rug" at one of the vender's booths.
Its not completely finished on the back... it was a fun quick project.

This very nice man at the Expo had all this gorgeous fabric!!!! I say he's very nice because this is very good quality fabric that was not expensive...

This fabric here is more amazing in person... stretch lace on the far left... the one on the right is stretch too, but very textured.. its so awesome!

Here we have a beautiful stretch white, red and black in the corner.. you can't see in the picture but its covered in sequins..

far left is a tye dye stretch lace, middle is a missoni type knit,, right is a metallic brown stretch lace with turquoise and gold circles... yes, its so much more beautiful in person !!!!

This is a lovely stretch knit, black and white,.. floral designs, animal prints mixed in... and yes, though it can't be seen in the pic... its covered in silver sequins!!!
I have enough for a costume and a cute evening out shirt!

Note: Please excuse my appearance in the photo on the left... I got up very early and didn't put on any make up!

Now I want to tell you about my favorite class today! Russian Needle Punch!

Because it was something I have never seen or done, it was fabulous and the instructor was SO fabulous! My mom has talked about needle punch ... but I didn't know what it was... well, its just so cool!!!

I had so much fun doing this!!!

The instructor,Gail Bird , is a great teacher (she's the lady in the pic with me!) ... just look at the adorable little needle punch basket of flowers I made below... think of the possibilities... with metallic threads... on jeans... jackets...
Costumes.... woo!!!hoo!!!!

Well, I bought the whole kit to do this and Gail's book which is full patterns!!! As well as great instruction.

Something else that made this instructor stand out was her knowledge of this art, where it came from , its whole history... it was pretty fascinating!

So check out her web site. If you are ever at an expo and see

Gail Bird and Bird House Enterprises check out what Russian Needle point is all about.. at least take a small class with her and hear about the Russian rebels!!! And see her amazing creations!!!


Bald Man said...

Baby..glad your having fun...but beware of "very nice' men!

laura said...

The Bald Man is also a Wise Man!!! I looked up your expo and I'm jealous! I'll need to see if there are ever any expo's in a city near my little town. That purse is gorgeous, I love the print.How nice that you and your mom can do this together. Have fun!!!

Rach said...

Glad you're having a good time!!! I see some "hatin'" happening in our near future LOL... It just dawned on me while reading your blog that I should have sent some money with you so you could pick up some great fabric for ME!!! Heard from Sonja yesterday, they're enjoying Rome(she's getting my hatin' energies at the moment haha.) Enjoy your play-time!!!