Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jazzed up jeans, Felted bolero and purse...etc

This is what I'm working on today... putting this embroidery design up the leg of these boring jeans!
Here are my projects from yesterday!!! I am SO hooked on felting!!!! I love it! This cute bolero was a hideous sweater just 2 days ago and now look! And this adorable purse too... a sweater no one would have ever worn... is now stylish.. unique, and due the the nature of felting, one of a kind!!
The metallic threads and eyelash yarn on the bolero are not sewn on... they were punched in by the felting machine. So was the yarn trim on the purse. The felting machine has 5 needles and you have to be really careful not to pull your fabric out until the needles are all the way up and stopped, or you break the little expensive needles really easily...
Ask me how I know this! haha

While my embroidery works away I'm working on turning this once ugly dress into a cute "corset" type top...
I'm actually not feeling real confident about this project.. but if I ruin it, it was only $3 at Goodwill!

I did have a new costume for last night but don't have any pics I like of it... Here's Sam and Rach at the restaurant last night,, they are so fun! In the pic of Rach you can see Tony in his St. Patty's day outfit...complete with a blinking bow tie!! Gotta love that Tony!

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Mary said...

Your mom is so jealous! I love your purse! Maybe I should just give you my felted sweaters and let you create!!!

Love ya