Friday, March 21, 2008

New Purse and a New Toy!!!

Here's my new felted purse. I made it from the same sweater I cut up to make the tulip shapes for my new jeans... btw, which are done !!! Pics will be taken tonight when we go out!!!
Back to the purse... It has a purple faux crocodile strap, a d-ring decoration holding a chain of coins with RD at the bottom and a silver heart embellishment. The edges and inside pocket are trimmed with a pretty yarn using the felting machine.

I lined with a pretty purple cotton print, made a cell phone and an extra pocket. And a magnetic snap closure....

I think felted purses are my favorite purses to make... they are so different.

And I think its cool to make something that can't exactly be remade. I'll never find another ugly sweater at Goodwill like this one.. and even if I did it may not "felt up" the same way.

Also, my Mom had a good ideal to use a mans shirt to line the purses with... and since I like to line purses with prints and stripes, thats perfect! Plus The Bald Man has a ton of shirts he's outgrown too!!!
Talk about one of a kind purses! And upcycling!!! I love it when that happens!

My new toy??? YES! A Kandi's Pro Touch rhinestone applicator!!! I'm SO excited and can't wait to use this!!!
All those $1200 jeans in Miami were covered in hot fix rhinestones!
Rhinestones applied with this little tool are permanent. Since there are no tiffany settings to deal with they go on quick, easy and don't catch on other fabrics!
I found a great link from the Rhinestone guy on using this for... what else... JEANS!

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