Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Punch Needle, Fabric painting and Burda 3/08!

I started working on a new punch needle project last night while the Bald Man yelled at Microsoft for 5 hours about Vista.... It seems Vista has decided that it will not recognize my Pfaff card station USB device. It worked perfect for about 3 months, then all of a sudden... just stopped recognizing!!! I loaded my software on to an old lap top with XP and it worked.. so its not Pfaff.. Its that evil Vista!!
Anyways... this punch needle kitty appears to be peaking up out of a pocket. I want to make a felted purse with a pocket on the front and applique kitty peeking out the top. I'm going to Goodwill tomorrow with one of my 'sewing challenged' friends and hopefully will be able to find the right sweater to go with it.
I also worked on 4 dolls yesterday and will finish them up today!

Back in the day... early to mid nineties I was very much into fabric painting. I painted (mid nineties) this dress I wore to church for Easter. Its Noah's Ark and little painted animals... This was not a quick project! I used to paint and sell them to, along with other hand painted clothing.

Yes, painted all around the back of the skirt too...
I remembered this dress and got it out because I had found a link with some awesome fabric painting patterns like I used to use! Here's a link for one of their patterns... Snoozing Santa Moon .
I see fabric painting in my near future with patterns like these!

This months Burda is full of great blouse/tops patterns, imo. I have picked out the above tops to make. They look quick, easy and flattering for my figure type.
Ofcourse wrap tops look good on many figure types... this is Wrap 107. The blouse/jacket with the zipper is 117. And the cute, super simple tunic is 111. I have to go through the stash and find the right fabric now!!! I'm hoping I can get them made in the next couple of weeks!!
I have also promised Bald Man a new shirt... and I really want to make more jeans... imagine that!


laura said...

You need a couple of more arms and a few more hours in your day to do all the things you have planned! I like that Burda top where the sleeves don't quite connect! I would be tempted to start it but I detest sheer fabrics and that's what it really should be made of. It would look great over a swim suit.

Mary said...

I remember those painting days! I still have the santa sweatshirt and the angel sweatshirt! I still get compliments on them when I wear them at the holidays!!!
Plus I still have my CottonPatch tote you made me when I opened the quilt shop!

love, Mom