Monday, March 17, 2008

Punch Needle Jeans

This is a pair of jeans I'm "upcycling" by doing punch needle embroidery on one of the bottom legs... the back pockets and alittle on one of the front pockets.
I'm using metallic embroidery floss so it has the effect of looking beaded.. which if I were doing this with real seed beads it would take forever! I've worked on it for 2 days on and off while me n' the Bald Man have been watching my Project Runway season 2 DVDs.
Which I have to say my Bald Man is really getting into .... and he said he didn't want to watch them because we already knew who won! He knows he likes watching all that drama! hahaha


Faye Lewis said...

Hey Angelia; My mom has been reading your blog too cause it's linked to mine and we both would like to know "what exactly is a felting machine"?

Anonymous said...

This is cool! It really looks beaded!