Sunday, March 16, 2008

The "upcycled" Corset Top

"Upcylcled" Taking a ugly, plain, un-usable, out of style item and making it into something fabulous and totally usable again. Aka, Recycling, which is good for everyone!
So as you can see Project Ugly Dress is now a cute, stylish corset top. I made up a shrug to go over it yesterday to with some left over fabric from Miami.
I gotta go to Goodwill more often!!! My "upcylced" top was way cheaper than the fabric I made the shrug out of!!!


laura said...

What a clever idea!! You've just gotta love the Good Will! And the felted purse in the previous post is really nice. I 'felted' a couple of wool sweaters last year but still haven't had an 'inspiration' of what to do with them. Oh well!

Alexandra said...

What a neat idea! Your top looks great. Don't shrugs make the loveliest necklines?

christina said...

Great top! I need to try upcycling...

Anonymous said...

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Thanks Have a good one