Thursday, April 3, 2008

BWOF 3/08 Top 111, copy rtw XOXO

Please forgive my appearance in this picture... I have had a devil of a cold since Tuesday.. and I'm looking a little zonked out on cold medicine here!
Anyways, this is BWOF tunic 111 from 3/08. This sewed up quick! I made it from a sheer stretch knit.. a bit to sheer, its needs a tank or atleast a cuter bra under it... I added the little peep hole cleavage slit because my Bald Man doesn't like tops on me that aren't "fitted"... but I knew he would like this non-fitting top if I added cleavage... just a little!
Its the little things I do that make the Bald Man say "sure baby, if you want more fabric, get it!"
Here are more copied "jeans" from an old pair of XOXO jeans I've had for years that were very close to falling apart! I made these from a kind of bushed woven thats really soft.. I have no ideal what the fabric is but its nice.
Even though I've not used denim they are in the 'jeans' style of things...

I made the lace embroidery with my Pfaff! Its was so easy!!! I used a silver metallic and gun medal gray metallic for the lace. I added the hot fix rhinestone touches with my new rhinestone setter...

I admit I had a terrible time with the yoke and waist band of these pants.... I cut the original pants apart for the pattern since they were to far gone to be worn any more... They were so thread bare they almost fell apart and they were all stretched out ofcourse... made things alittle difficult. I used my copied Mudd jeans yoke to help out!

I have to say it was worth it... My XOXO's were always the perfect fitting low rise pants. Now they can live on!!!

Next project... well, its gonna have to be The Bald Mans shirt. He's out of control wanting another R.D. original! And he wants some embroidery on it. I know, how very metro of him!!!
But its things like making him a shirt that make the Bald Man say "sure baby, if you need it, get another machine!"



Alexandra said...

Great top - I love the keyhole opening at the front. And the jeans - wow! The lace with rhinestones really spices them up.

What is a "bushed woven"?

Meg said...

Both the pants and the top look fab. You did an especially fantastic job with the pants.

Katrin said...

You are a lucky woman! I would run and sew a T-Shirt for him...
Nice top and faboulous jeans.