Sunday, April 20, 2008

BWOF Tops and a flashback!

I admit it! I love jumpsuits from the 60's and 70's.... so when I saw Pattern review was having a Vintage pattern sewing contest I started looking for jumpsuit patterns!!! I have an excuse to make one now.
The search is on! This pattern to the right is Simplicity 9674
There are so many cute ones I can't decide which one to buy....
plus I've never sewn from a vintage pattern before so it will be a challenge for me too! This will be fun!!!

Hers is BWOF Top 111 from issue Nov. 07.
Sorry the pic is kinda blurry to the right... its the Bald Mans fault!
I made up this little shrug to go with it. Love the print of this fabric! I got it in ATL at the sewing expo.

And here is the other BWOF top I worked on last week.
From issue 11/99 Top 134.
I LOVE this top and plan to make it again soon. I have alot of nice stretch lace fabrics and this top and shawl/cape are perfect for them.
There were darts in the back but I added them in the front also.
Love it!!!


A. Lilly said...

Hey! You look beautiful!

Rach said...

My you have been busy!!! Wow... I take a break from the computer for a few days and look what I miss!!! LOVE the distressed jeans! Oh, and I love those 60's & 70's jumpsuits also!

Barry said...

Congratulations on your new job! I saw your comment on LissaKay's site and thought I'd stop by. I love the Yoda outfit you made for your husband ;)

The other outfits look great on you, you're very talented!