Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Copy RTW Process Pictures

Several of you guys have asked me to take pics when I copy RTW... And so I did...months ago!

Sorry I'm just now posting them! My instructions to go with the pics are probably going to be 'lacking'. Hopefully you'll get the ideal of what I'm doing from the pictures though. I find writing instructions very hard... maybe I should do a video and post it on youtube!

After much reading and researching different ways to copy RTW and make patterns this is the easiest I've come up with... and gets me the best fit. So far I have used this method to copy a pair of rtw yoga pants, 3 different pairs of jeans and a long sleeve knit top.

I use cheap non fusible interfacing for my pattern. Its strong and sheer.

First I turn the garment inside out. For pants I put one pant leg inside the other. It stays flatter, makes it easier to pin down.

I do this on a carpeted floor so when its all smoothed out and flat I stick the pin straight down into the garment and in the floor. This holds everything nice and tight!

Everything nice and secure here,,, ready to trace!

I trace with measuring gauge in hand to mark my seam allowances as I go

After all traced I measure different fit 'points' and compare them to the measurements of the rtw garment and "true up" my lines.

With the waist band (and yoke) I push pins down all around the edges... tracing the tops and sides first.
Then underneath along the pin lines.

This is the hardest part for me... measure and do the 'true up' thing again! With the last pair of jeans I made I used the hinge method,,, aka. seam method to get a good fitting waist band.

I measure the fly pieces and make them according to the measurements.

I put my fly zippers in using the Easy Islander Zipper video... its the best ... and easiest method I've ever seen!

I lay the interfacing on top of the pants and trace along the fly top stitching. This makes my fly template.

I lay the cut out pattern piece on top of the pants to mark where the pockets go

Lay Pattern/interfacing on top of pants to trace you back pocket pattern piece

Here are all the pattern pieces from this pair of jeans. Its more of a jean-trouser pattern.
There was no yoke and 'pouch pockets' instead of traditional jean pockets. So it was a bit easier to copy that the other 2 pairs of jeans I've done...

Hope this helps some of you who have wrote me wanting these pics of my copy process.. Sorry for the wait!!! And sorry I'm not better at describing the process!!!


laura said...

Duh! Why on earth I couldn't figure out to place one leg down inside the other to get them to lie flat, I'll never know! At least now I'm getting the picture, AND I found a site that rents DVDs on the islander technique. But you're not off the hook yet. I'm having trouble finding the 'hinge method' that works with waist bands. Can you fill us in????? Thanks!

Faye Lewis said...

Helpful, helpful, helpful. Wonder if I will ever get up the nerve to knock off some jeans?

Mary said...

You need to send this to Tipnut!!!