Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Denim Dress... next jeans project...

This is BWOF dress from 5/03 (I can't remember the pattern # now!)
It was meant to be lose and kinda shapeless... I cut it down alot in the waist. I used a longer zipper and just made it so it unzips off. Its made from stretch denim so its very comfortable!
I made the lace with my embroidery machine... using Dakota's new lace cd. For the straps I made long belt carriers.
As I've said before I don't make dresses often, because I don't wear them often. I wore this last night to the hockey game and was amazed at how comfortable I felt in it.... maybe it was the casual feel of the denim that made me feel so 'at home' in this dress.... And the fact that I knew if the wind blew this dress couldn't blow up! That's something I always worry about when I wear a dress!! And! I felt like it looked really good because even before we walked in the coliseum a nice lady told me how cute I looked!

So in conclusion: I will make and wear denim dresses out of the denim I have that's not good enough for jeans... and I'll like it!

The Jeans Process......................................................................

This is whats left of 2 pair of Goodwill jeans..........

Here's the front of the new jeans. Fly in! This jean pattern is from my old XOXO's. I am changing the pockets from the traditional pockets to these little 'pouch' pockets I see on lots of cute RTW jeans.
I have several pair of jeans with this type of pocket and I really like the look. I also like the 'non bulk' factor of these.

The back of jeans.... these are the original pockets from one of the cut up pair that I embroidered using a Jenny Haskins design that came with one of her magazines.
All will be put together hopefully by the weekend sometime... Bald Man is off work today so I probably won't get much sewing done today!

My old jean stash.... its growing as fast as my fabric stash!!!
And we won't even talk about my growing old sweater stash for felting!

Look at my babies...... now that's its warm they can enjoy the day on the deck barking at squirrels. The squirrels have discovered that the poodles can't get off the deck, so they hang out in front of it and drive them crazy!

Be'Be' (weighing in at 5lbs) and 2 Pac (weighing in at 4lbs)
Watch out for....Killer toy poodles!


Faye Lewis said...

Hey SewMuchToSew; love your new dress, especially the extra long belt carriers for straps. You are the denim expert!

A. Lilly said...

Totally awesome! Love the dress!

Sheila said...

Hi Angela,

Came across your site via Faye, Congrats on the Excellent Award. Your denim dress came out great. I recently purchased a few yards of stretch denim in the hopes of making my fist pair of Jeans.