Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting ready for Hoola Hooping!

First let me say I'm wearing BWOF top 105 7-07 that I made it Saturday morning. Easy top... cute... casual....

On to the hooping! Yesterday Sonja (on the left) invited me and Rach (in the middle) over for some hoola hoop making!
You see we are taking a Hooping workshop next weekend... Have you seen how people are hoola hooping these days???
Check out my favorite hooper

We made our hoops from some kind of plastic pipe.. male to male connector... I don't know...
Sonja got all the stuff . I just brought the champagne and Chocolate Cheesecake... which is very important to have when making a hoola hoop!! The we decorated in with different tapes! I sent Bald Man out to get us more tapes and he found some awesome cheetah and zebra print tapes!! Our hoops are so pretty!!!
Now after we learn to do this good (which Sonja, ex-hippy that she is can already hoop good!) I'm going to have to make us outfits to match our hoops... It will be SO cute!!!
And if we don't get good we'll still need those outfits I'm sure!
I "practiced" (played) last night... I can see how this is a great core workout! I am SO excited about the workshop!
For our next 'creative' get together I told Sonja and Rach I would do a Bellydance Costume in a Day for them... oh yes... it can be done!!!

Here's the back of my BWOF T-shirt....
I have to work today so no sewing... but I'm going to take some of my new mags and make some notes... planning the next project.
And I still have BWOF bustier to make!


Alexandra said...

Wow! That video is something else. Makes me want to take up hula hooping.

laura said...

I used to love my hula hoop when I was a kid, but I sure don't remember champagne and cheesecake being part of the equation! Perhaps I should take it up again. BTW, your shirt is very cute and I'm going to use my serger the next time. Also, after seeing your t-shirt, I looked more closely at the BWOF picture and now I see that the shoulder line is supposed to be back off of the shoulder, giving the sleeve a raglan kind of muscle shirt look! I wore mine yesterday and Hans didn't even realize I'd made it.

Anonymous said...

Yay We rock!


Cheryl said...

Hey, Angie! A hoop workshop! What fun! Where is it? I bet you can really work that thing! I'm too spastic for it! Have fun.

Sheila said...

The videos were awesome!!. So glad I went ahead and purchased one, but wish I could've made one though, oh what the heck... the idea is to start