Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In The Animal Kingdom and stuff...

I am a slacker! There... I've admitted to having this problem lately!
No real sewing for 3 days now!!! Not even anything cut out...
I've been reading up on new techniques and planning.. organizing .. does that count for anything?
The Bald Man was off work today. I can't get any real sewing done when he's home! Sunday was hoop making and I worked at the spa Mon.
I did embroidery these cute dish towels though..... I wanted to give something to my friend who invited me over to her house for lunch tomorrow.
I've also been distracted by my new mini obsession... and there's tons of Hoola Hoop Trick 'how to's' on youtube.com
I'm not afraid to say this... hoola hooping with the fancy tricks and dance stuff is HARD! and I am terrible at it! My waist is sore! my hand is sore from trying to 'lasso' it up, AND I've even hit myself in the head a few times.. whacked my calves! Pathetic!

Prada is doing very well here in her new home. She's been with us a week now. She likes her arch enemies, the poodles, no better.
In fact she never comes down stairs and avoids them all together. The aren't allowed up stairs...
and they know it!
Although a few times today 2-Pac ran upstairs a couple of times and barked at her... then run back down... quickly!!! Knowing he's going to get in trouble by us and he knows she'll whoop his little poodle butt if he hangs around!
Here she is all lounged out on my cutting table.

Here below is a short video of my toy poodles acting absolutely insane over a toy motorcycle!
My sweet toy poodles are forever entertaining... no matter what Prada thinks....



Cheryl said...

Hey, Gorgeous! I love Prada...I love the poodles, too, but at heart I'm a cat person (lol!).

Is hooping hard for the low back? I have always wanted to do it but am afraid I'd put myself in the hospital.

BTW, I got the cutest purse yesterday in the mail from you!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! You really should go into a side business with all the stuff you do.

Any word on Atlanta..dates?


Sheila said...

Ok, I'm going to get me a hoola hoop. I haven't hoola hooped in years...lol. But after looking at the young lady's stomach I need to hoola hoop pronto...lol. Your dogs are so cute as well as prada. I'm an owner of 3 pets, 2 dogs & a 15 year old dominatrix...lol and must keep Darla, the cat separate from the dogs. Now, where can I find a hoola hoop? Please share any yoga & belly dancing tips. The last time I did yoga, I ended up with a pulled muscle for 3 weeks...lol