Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kwik Sew 3250 for The Bald Man!

Ok, I made the Bald Man another shirt from Kwik Sew pattern 3250. This time with short sleeves, no collar but I added some embroidery (by request!) around the neckline.

I used the same lace embroidery pattern that I did on my XOXO jeans copy....

He loves it!

And I sure when he wears it he will find ways to tell everyone we talk to I made it for him, like he always does...... He's so cute!

We were in Dilliard's yesterday and I saw alot of really nice (pricey) men's shirts with embroidery on them... gives me ideals for future Bald Man projects.

Men's fashion is becoming increasing interesting...
Also at Dillards I saw a fabulous blazer embellished with antique brass studs ... it was hot! It was also $175
My son even liked it!! Here it is at Macy's Studded Blazer Link
Gives me more ideals for future guy projects... my son might get a version of this blazer for his birthday... a much less expensive, made by me version!

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Rach said...

I love the new shirt!

I also love the blazer... did you notice the embrodery on the models jeans? Yep, that's so where I was lookin'...