Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Old projects made new, New Challages in Vintage!

Here are the vintage patterns I have found/ordered for the retro jumpsuit I want to make...
Aren't they all so cute???? I love'em!!!!

I have been working on The Bald Man another shirt... its the same style as the last one. Here's the embroidery on the back shoulder of the shirt.
I also but a design on the front shoulder... Its looking good! I am so glad I can make the Bald Man some nice , unique clothes... he's such a big guy its really hard for him to find nice shirts!

For me I'm working on BWOF top 126 from issue 7-01... its a very darling top that has little ties up the front instead of buttons. I made it last year... so its not a challenge but I'm doing it "up"
a bit! Its almost done!
I also have BWOF Bustier 129 from issue 5-03. I have also made it before... but it came out much to small in the bust. Its so hot though I have to try it again... with the bust larger!!! Much!!!!! It also ties up the front for closures.
Also have out to make BWOF 105, issue 7-07. Which... I have made before also.... and I love. Its a casual T in the front with a cute twist in the back... check out the link for it!
So this is like "review week" for me!!! Bald Mans shirt and all the shirts for myself!!!
My challenge is trying to make the more interesting or better fit than the last!
Not to hard. Next project will be something harder... my brain should have recovered from that last pair of jeans by then!
I think trying to sew my vintage jumpsuit may be hard... ofcourse I'm always thinking of the next pair of jeans!!!


Alexandra said...

Those vintage patterns are a hoot! I can't wait to see what you do with them.

Mary said...

Okay - I made a jumpsuit like these (one looks just like the one I made!) in the 70's!!!!

You are doing such great work and have a blast doing it!

laura said...

Now this is too wierd! As I write this, I have the BWOF July '07 issue sitting on my desk because I also want to make the T-shirt with the tie in the back. I kid you not!I guess great minds think alike :) I checked out pattern review and noticed that the other ladies used clear elastic in the neck area to keep it from gaping. Did you? And I swear my mother had those same jumpsuit patterns in the 70's. Believe it or not she wore one to church and caused quite the stink!