Saturday, April 12, 2008

Painted jeans and mermaid apron

Lots I want to post today!!! So I'll make 2 separate posts...

The jeans I started this week were finished up Friday... and I am SO happy with them. I'm going to wear them tonight so I'll post a pic of them tomorrow or Monday. This pair seemed very 'labor intensive'! So I am brain fried!!! Instead of using my double needle on the top stitching I used a single need this time which was extra time consuming but I did get better results.

Thanks to the dvd, Jeans Couture!!!! If you're thinking of making a pair of jeans please get this DVD... I wish I had got it before I made my other pairs!

I'm working on some smaller projects this weekend since the jeans took alot of of me this week. Like this pair of jeans below... no, I didn't make these. They are a really good pair of Ralph Lauren jeans I picked up at Goodwill. They are plain so I decided to paint this panda bear on the upper leg. Isn't he cute??? Didn't take long at all to paint! I'm also going to remove the waist band, move the belt carriers down and then distress them greatly!

Also on the list of simple projects.... an apron! Check out this adorable mermaid fabric!!! I have to find a contrasting fabric to go with it before I can make the apron.

I'm going to use the apron pattern on the far right for the mermaid fabric. Which is really my moms pattern that I'm sure she would like to have back sometime soon!

I have to find fabric for the 'Wendy's Apron' pattern too.... look at the little cat pocket! Its TO cute!!!!

Between signing up for the Sassy Apron swap and joining Apronista I can see how women get so crazy over aprons. Their so fun, cute and easy to make!!


Anonymous said...

Your jeans are really neat looking. Have you seen the jeans that Bonnie McCaffery has been stitching? Check out her web site and look at her gallery for the digibobbi jeans. They are pretty cool and, no doubt, will give you lots of ideas!


Sheila said...

Love the Panda.. its too cute. You've been very busy and looking forward to seeing your completed lil projects.

Mary said...

I am finally catching up on my checking out your blog time! Your purse is so cute - I am jealous! I love the mermaid fabric which will look great with MY apron pattern (I bought another new apron pattern yesterday!).
Love the dress - the pants - everything! I am so JEALOUS and PROUD!!! I have got to get my customers' quilts done - so I can sew and try to catch up with you on some projects!